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I've never been stung either...but I've heard sad

Yes, it stings and hurts. I have never been stung but I have known my acquaintances surprise

Fabulous !

Some are so lovely just floating along but I hear they have a painful sting

Gorgeous cloud formation

Nice sunlight displayed/beautiful flower

Gorgeous; nice job!


Beautiful and thank you for the additional information

Beautiful Winter Wonderland

Cool shot



Cute smiley

The photographer captured a great moment heartyes

Take my hand little one, I will keep you safe smiley

heart heart heart

Look at those sweet eyes, That use to be my favorite dog now they're all my favorites!!heart

NOW THATS WHAT IM TALKIN BOUT 11/10yesyesyesLove himheartAwesome find torino. smiley

heartHe never ages...

Indeed they are or they think they are laugh

Cats are really the gods of this planet, there's more to see laugh

That sounds about right Stevie yes

Love him, and I think they are close to taking over cdd laugh

Lol so funny, but he looks comfortable laughheart

Resultado de imagen de lol

Don't get fooled, they will take over the world soon cheeky


lol Cute smiley

Thanks Sergio wink

Thank You So Much For Your Kind Comments