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Nice Rush

Nice & Tranquil

So cool

Nice yes


smiley  yes

Thanks again for the kind words Sharon, much appreciated smiley

Thanks for signaling this, I've updated the categorization.

It is not a Bell AH-1 Cobra but a Bell AH-1Z Viper because the "Viper" possesses 4 blades and the "Cobra", 2 blades.

Ce n'est pas un Bell AH-1 Cobra mais un Bell AH-1Z Viper car le "Viper" possède 4 pales et le "Cobra", 2 pales.

The contrast of the black makes the flower really stand out; beautiful♥



Terrific Shot!!! V. Nice smiley

I could dive right in

Oh Now it shows, Whew! smiley

Why is the image not showing in full when you click on it? It's Very Pretty from the small view♥

Vacation Time smiley

Love this♥



Nicely Done, Love the sunlight streaming through

Lovely smiley

Love him,how cute is cute.F+1d

awww laugh

thanks smiley


Sweeet yes

Love Long Locks wink  yes