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surprise surprise surprise


Beautiful colors heart

I hope it does not sting me!

yes He knows what he does laugh

This bear looks like a great professional heart


Yes, it stings and hurts. I have never been stung but I have known my acquaintances surprise

heart heart heart

Cats are really the gods of this planet, there's more to see laugh

Resultado de imagen de lol

Thanks Sergio wink



heart heart

Thank you laugh



Is it true that they are a bit aggressive? heartsurprise

Yesss haha heart

Yes heart

Surely yes smiley


This preciousness is in adoption in Spain heart

Thanks to you for commenting stevekincheloe smiley

I love this photograph heart

To me, for example laugh


I do not like it either, Sharon crying

Yes, both are beautiful. It is seen that they are very close friends laugh

Actually that place looks magical. I wish someday I could visit him too.