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I do not like it either, Sharon crying

Yes, both are beautiful. It is seen that they are very close friends laugh

Actually that place looks magical. I wish someday I could visit him too.

Oh, i understand

What does lupines mean? blush

I love this wallpaper heart

This lighthouse is the same as the one in the movie "Lighthouse". It will be the same? surprise

Thank you Sharon smiley

Love this car



Thank you very much cheeky

I don `t believe. I touch the € 500 bills with my eyes and believe me ... it's not the same... cheeky

Do not be bad cdd jajaja devil

Yes, I'm sure smiley

Okay, I'll be there laugh

I am sure of it

Para Elisa de Beethoven cheeky

Un gordito muy bonito

Magnific white lyon



A little break


Very very nice


I love camping



Precioso lince