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Super epic. Now I need to go find videos of this beast!

Get some little guy laugh

It's so pretty laugh Great wallpaper.

This is amazing laugh Tons of effort in this

Going to New York is something I've always wanted to do. smiley I've been to a lot of places in the U.S. but nothing that far East.

Johnny Five is alive!

This is gorgeous!

Such a gorgeous place smiley

At my mother's house there is a section of her yard that is all bamboo, and it's one of the prettiest spots to be smiley

Hey lonewolf,

To the left is a set of french doors, so there was plenty of light smiley

This is strange and amazing laugh

We'll have to remember to show him this one when he gets back laugh

This is one cute cat! laugh

That is an awesome way to start your work day. A nice friendly smile no matter what to start your day off

That's a great looking dog smiley

Definitely a movie I need to rewatch soon

As far as I know, yes, they are swans just going through a flooded street. It's a shame humans don't handle excess water as well smiley

I love how gritty the insides of some of these cars are kept. Pristine on the outside, and on the inside still nice, but a nice classic feel.

This is a wonderful photo! I can imagine the photographer being a little afraid laugh

Love it!


Agreed laugh Love this guy!

Quite a cute picture for a mouse laugh

Super cute little guy smiley

LOVE the angle!

Quite the cute little thing laugh

Nature really has such an elegant beauty sometimes smiley

I know it's a very internet thing - but a good cat really can be fun smiley They're a fun mix of independant and lovable.

This is awesome laugh Images like this one make me love the fledgling Photography Abyss smiley

This is truly beatutiful. I can just imagine breathing in the air - mmmm.

Maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about, but this model Ferrari looks SO much like a Corvette. Regardless, I love the look laugh