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wow!-what a cute girl!!great photo!

thank you,Carrie! (if you like,go
  have fun! Bernd

"It is not allowed to smoke MARIHUNA inside this place,outside yes! thank you!"

....this music fits perfectly to the Photography,I think! great shot!!

Hey Stevie, I have a whole folder full of waterfall-pics,but this is one of the best and most beautiful ones!! best regards ! Bernd

I guess, that is Cologne (Köln,Germany) 1945....

Hi Stevie-
what a  beautiful house! Is it your home? wink Bernd

!!WOW !! a masterpiece of animal-photography!

Excellent photo-it is a pity,that you are not the author,Stevie!

This photo was taken at  DENNENLOHE -park,which is quite near to the place,where I live....the author is Mario Baesler.

VITA SOMNIUM BREVE ! ( wenn schon,dann richtig!)

a very beautiful and quiet place to stay for a holiday! a good photo! 1*+Fav!

Oh that is like in a dream, I try since 20 years,but my wisteria does not want to make any flowers....!! 1 *+Fav!

wonderful! where is it? Ireland? 1*+!FAV

...does she say :"please"?

weird!! -looks strange! incredible...but a really good photo!!

your kittens are soooo cuuuute !!! 1*+Fav!

your kittens are soooo cuuuute !!! 1*+Fav!

...she knows,that she is something special...!  1*Fav!

I love cats,and you have the best photos of cute kitties ever....I Fav them all!